Dancing unicorn dad helps kick off LEAP week with a laugh

Dancing unicorn dad helps kick off LEAP week with a laugh

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - Standardized tests are the worst – is what the average kid would say. So how do you get them excited about spending a week answering questions?

Would a dancing unicorn help?

Well, it certainly did the job for Samantha Olivier's class at Lukeville Elementary School in Brusly.

"They were completely surprised," she explained. "The kids were cracking up laughing."

Austin McCain put on a unicorn head and showed off his best moves. His wife Rachael recorded the silliness and offered words of encouragement to their daughter Ava.

Ava, as expected, was slightly mortified.

"She said, 'What is wrong with them? My momma needs help,'" Olivier said with a laugh. "It really put them in a good mood."

But Ava wasn't the only kid in class with a message from a parent. Twenty-six videos were submitted after Olivier posted her own video.

"This is the first time your child is going to be taking a really big standardized test, and so I know that kids are a little bit nervous, so I wanted to surprise them by having you post a video of you offering words of encouragement to your child. I'm going to show them these videos the morning that we start testing…"

There were several creative pieces in the bunch.

"My other favorite was called LEAP Under The Sea," she said. "It had two of our employees in it. One is also a parent of a student in my class. The other works for a couple of our schools as a special education teacher."

During her nine-year history of teaching, Olivier has never done anything like this.

"It set the tone for their day," Olivier said. "It would amaze you the amount of technology we have. We are really lucky."

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