La. lawmakers consider getting rid of Daylight Saving Time

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Could Daylight Saving Time be a thing of the past? Some legislators in Louisiana are looking to get rid of it.

Rep. Mark Wright of Covington presented a proposal to the House Commerce Committee Tuesday that would create a task force to study the impacts of Daylight Saving Time. That proposal was passed favorably to the House floor. Wright and the proposal's author, Rep. Julie Stokes, feel the change in hours is unhealthy and can even lead to injury.

"Car accidents, production accidents with equipment and things like that, there's talk about significant mental effects for the week or two after," Wright said. "Circadian rhythms in sleep are a big deal."

Daylight Saving Time is observed throughout the country, with only a few exceptions.

According to Wright, Louisiana could exempt themselves from the changes and decide on a standard time year round. But first, they want to put together a task force to study the impacts and then pursue legislation in 2019.

Wright says there are two options for how the adjustment would work. Louisiana would either fall back an hour and stay on that time year-round. This is what Arizona and Hawaii do. Or, the state could stay on Daylight Saving Time (the current time) year-round. Wright says the latter option may be better because Louisianans actually spend most of the year on that time.

"Instead of just running a bill through, the idea was let's talk to all our departments across the state, try to figure out how the change would affect Louisiana, any laws, anything that we need to know," Wright said.

Currently, only two U.S. states, Arizona and Hawaii, do not observe Daylight Saving Time.

The practice was started for a number of reasons, one of which was saving power.

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