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Across the decades, flowers unite Hawaiian's flight attendant uniforms

May Day is, of course, Lei Day in Hawaii.

And in honor of the annual celebration, Hawaiian Airlines Capt. Rick Rogers, the company's archivist, selected a number of historic images to showcase the history of the flower in flight attendant uniforms.

In this 1943 image, crew wore hibiscus behind their ear. 

In this photo from 1957, flight attendants are seen getting ready by putting plumeria in their hair. 

In the 1960s, things took a psychedelic turn. 

And the 1970s uniform was full of flower power. 

The white tiare was used to style the 1980s uniform and remains in fashion for many flight attendants today. 

The company's new uniforms were designed by Sig and Kuha’o Zane and feature ... flowers. What else? The uniforms are designed to explore the concept of working together to reach a common destination.

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