9-year-old donates to animal shelter for birthday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - We all have something that inspires us to help in some way. For 9-year-old Jack Beason, it's his seven cats.

"Cats are not only easy to care for, they're just very sweet and loving animals," Jack explained.

"As he's gotten older, he's just a really compassionate, sweet person and wants to give to other people," said his mother, Karen Beason.

Karen said it started last year when Jack had the idea to give rather than receive for his birthday.

"Instead of him receiving birthday presents at his party, his guests would bring things for Cat Haven," Karen said.

Through the help of his party guests, Jack donated toys and food to the animal shelter in Baton Rouge.

"Having a surplus of supplies is good because they'll be extra for more and more cats coming in," Jack explained.

But this year's birthday celebration on April 23 was different. Earlier this month, Jack and his mom created a Facebook fundraiser page with a goal of raising $500 by April 30, with the money going directly to the shelter.

To encourage donation, when Jack reached fundraiser milestones he promised musical solos. His mom said she thought people would donate "$5 here and there," but the support from the community was overwhelming.

Not only did Jack come through with his promise of supplying a freestyle drum and piano solo, he surpassed his goal, raising $530.

"I figured we'd get to $200 or $300, never thinking we'd get to $500," his mom said.

Jack is already planning on raising more for the shelter for his birthday next year, hoping to get $1,000.

Before we wrapped up the interview, Jack shared his future plans for his own little cat haven.

"The first floor would be like this. The second floor would be for the cats and the third floor would be for dogs and the fourth would be just a fun area for cats and humans," he said.

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