BRPD launches interactive recruiting website

BRPD has launched a new website,, to help those interested in becoming a police officer (Source: WAFB)
BRPD has launched a new website,, to help those interested in becoming a police officer (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When searching for a job, it's not often a potential candidate is given the opportunity to chat one-on-one with a future co-worker. The Baton Rouge Police Department is making that happen and restructuring their recruitment process with their new interactive website,

"It will list our qualifiers and disqualifiers, but will also allow you to learn about the hiring process in more detail," said Sgt. Rendy Richard, a recruiter for the BRPD Training Academy. "You can actually take an intact quiz to see if you meet our eligibility requirements."

Potential applicants also have the opportunity to chat openly with someone who was recently in their shoes so they're not shocked by the hiring process and 21-week academy.

For more information on the hiring process or to apply, click here.

"It's almost like I was entering a new culture and that's two-fold because I was entering Baton Rouge," explained Officer Erin Lasseigne. "There's a lot of people I didn't get to speak to. Now I get exposed to a lot of that culture, but then there's also being exposed to police culture," she said.

While Officer Lasseigne isn't fresh out of school, she's only been on the streets for a little over a year. "There are times when it's hard and I'm not going to deny that, but I have a pretty fun job," she said.

Lasseigne says the rigorous coursework was really tough, so she wants to tell anybody thinking about signing up there was an unexpected that helped push her through.

"We just immediately decided that we were going to treat each other like we're brothers and sisters," she said. "We have each other's back because we all want to become a part of this family."

By far, her biggest tip to anyone thinking of joining the 600 plus force is every day is different, so don't get locked in.

"Nothing you do is routine because if you fall into a routine, then you're going to get surprised by something," Lasseigne said. "And that goes for the academy too, because that's what they're training you for. They're trying to surprise you and catch you not on your toes, they want you to not be prepared so that you can learn something."

"It's just something that you know is born in you," Sgt. Richard said. "You know it's a calling and you want to make a difference. That's a legitimate trait that we look for."

Department leaders say they're looking to fill 35 new seats in the department and are also looking for officers with law enforcement training to enroll in the post-academy.

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