Rep. Graves propose law to fix 'duplication of benefits' issue for victims of flood

(WAFB) - A plan to fix the mess many residents had to go through to get money to help rebuild after the August 2016 flooding is one step closer to reality.

Representative Garret Graves based the proposed law off of the many struggles residents in Louisiana have gone through following the 2016 flood. It would give more power to local governments to handle financial issues pertaining to flood prevention, response, and recovery. In particular, the law aims to fix the "duplication of benefits" issue many have been facing.

"This bill truly captures and takes action on the frontline feedback and lessons learned from our 2016 flood, recent hurricanes, and other disasters across the country," said Graves. "Making changes to policies that don't work so that the nation is better positioned before the next disaster strikes is the way Congress is supposed to work."

The bill still needs several more layers of approval before becoming law.

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