YOUR TURN: Central Middle Students

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - This week's Your Turn segment goes to Amy Rossi who was thrilled to read our Facebook post about a group of special needs students from Central Middle School.

Teacher Melissa Goodwin's students each wrote a letter to the president of Nike as a class project. She says she never dreamed they'd hear back - but sure enough the company sent the class gift cards as a thank you for reaching out.

The students then took a trip to the Nike Store at Tanger Outlets where the real magic happened.

You see, several more students had joined the class since Nike sent out the gift cards and to make sure no one felt left out, the store's manager, Toni Perkins, stepped in. She insisted all the kids pick out what they wanted and comped the items.

Amy writes:

"These are the types of stories we should here about more!!! Definitely brightens your day and gives hope that this world is not quite so ugly!!!"

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