St. George residents to vote on bill to extend firefighter taxes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - St. George residents will vote on Saturday to extend two fire taxes which would allow the department to move ahead with some construction projects.

Approved in 2015, the same two taxes measures funded capital improvements and general operations for the St. George Fire Protection District through 2024. The current proposal would extend those measures for another 10 years.

If approved, the fire chief says they plan to use the money to improve their current facilities and build a new fire station in the Nicholson/Bluebonnet area.

"This is just our growth. This is our 50th year in operation - this year," said St. George Fire Chief Jerry Tarleton. "This is St. George continuing to grow. If you look around the district, they're building things hand over first and it's to keep up with that growth."

The propositions on the ballot for Saturday, April 28, would not increase the people's tax bills but would extend the current tax rates until 2034.

The department is estimating a total cost of around $14 million.

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