7 LSU Board of Supervisors seats to expire June 1

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The LSU Board of Supervisors could have a much different look by this summer as seven of the board's 16 appointments are set to expire soon.

The LSU Board of Supervisors is established by the Louisiana Constitution and is responsible for supervising and managing the institutions, statewide agricultural programs, and other programs across the LSU system. The board is also responsible for hiring the LSU president and approving any "direct reports" to the president, such as a provost or chancellor position at various state campuses.

The appointments that expire June 1 include those held by Scott Ballard of Covington, Lee Mallett of Iowa, Stanley Jacobs and Ann Duplessis of New Orleans, Mary Werner of Lake Charles, Jim McCrery of Shreveport, and Rolfe McCollister of Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards can either appoint new members or choose to reappoint existing ones. His appointments must then be confirmed by the State Senate.

"The governor is meeting with a lot of stakeholders who have an interest in the LSU system, including discussing with current board members who might have been appointed under the previous administration, but are currently up for reappointment," said Richard Carbo, the governor's deputy chief of staff. "His primary interest is that his appointees share his passion for education and his commitment to get the state to a point where we can begin to reinvest in higher education after a decade of the largest disinvestment in the country," Carbo added.

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