Baton Rouge hairstylist recalls visit from Barbara Bush

Baton Rouge hairstylist recalls visit from Barbara Bush

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As people around the nation say their final farewell to former First Lady Barbara Bush, one man in Baton Rouge is holding fast to a very special time he spent with her back in 1992.

"It was like being with your grandma," said Roy Robinson.

During a trip to Baton Rouge in September of that year, longtime Baton Rouge hairstylist Roy Robinson received a call from a client who happened to be managing the hotel where Barbara Bush was staying. She needed a stylist for the day and Robinson was happy to take the job.

After getting cleared by Secret Service, Bush's personal assistant gave him strict instructions on how to replicate her signature white coif.

"Of course, they didn't want any artistic freedoms done on her," laughed Robinson.

From there, it was just the two of them for 20 minutes. Robinson remembers talking about his kids and her kids and he ended up helping her with more than just her hair. She quizzed him on how to pronounce local Cajun names and read through her speech with him to make sure she had it right.

"We'd actually phonetically write it on there, so she would know how to say it," Robinson explained.

Instead of payment, Robinson just requested a picture with the First Lady. It's something he's treasured ever since as a reminder of a time with a lady he says was a cut above the rest.

"I feel very honored that I got to know her, even for 20 minutes," Robinson added.

An invitation-only funeral service will be held for Bush on Saturday.

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