Student arrested for reportedly bringing gun to Glen Oaks High

Student arrested for reportedly bringing gun to Glen Oaks High

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A 19-year-old student at Glen Oaks High has been arrested for reportedly bringing a gun to school.

Officials with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office say on Thursday, April 19, they were called out to the school by the assistant principal in reference to a weapon on campus.

The assistant principal told deputies he'd received a tip that the accused student, Joshua Andrews, 19, was in possession of a gun. The assistant principal said he called Andrews to his office and searched him and his belongings. He says he found a loaded pistol inside Andrews' backpack.

The assistant principal gave deputies the weapon, which was identified as a 9mm Bryco pistol, which was loaded with eight bullets in a magazine. Officials were able to verify the firearm was reported stolen.

After being read his rights, Andrews reportedly told deputies he met up with another 16-year-old student in the bathroom, who asked him to hold the weapon for him.

Deputies spoke with the other student, who was also read his rights in the presence of a guardian, who reportedly said Andrews sent him a text about selling him a gun. The student says he met Andrews in the bathroom to see the gun. He says Andrews seemed nervous and concealed the gun under his shirt. The student claims Andrews then left the bathroom, leaving his backpack behind. Then, the student claims Andrews sent him another text asking him to bring his backpack to him, which he did. The student says he and Andrews met up on the rear of campus and he gave Andrews the backpack, who then put the gun inside and walked away. The student says he did not possess the gun at any time while on the school's campus.

Andrews is charged with illegal possession of stolen firearms, carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon on school property, violation of firearm-free zone, and contributing to the delinquency of juveniles.

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