Gnats troubling some St. Francisville residents

Gnats troubling some St. Francisville residents
St. Francisville (Source: WAFB)

ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Many of you like, Howard Sibley, are getting out and cleaning up your yards while bugs, that might be considered a nuisance, linger.

"They bite and leave big welts on you," said Sibley.

Bugs can especially be considered a bother when they're delaying you from doing simple daily tasks.

"You can hardly do anything outside because they bite you. They eat you up," Sibley added.

The occasional swat from Sibley on his lawnmower isn't to get a cool breeze. He's fighting against gnats.

"You can hardly work. You can hardly cut grass. They're all in your face. They bite you all on the neck, the forehead, the ears ... everything," he explained.

The St. Francisville family said this is the second year in a row that gnats have come to bother them. Sibley said the gnats generally hang around for about two to three months.

"It's all day long from when you walk outside early in the morning to when you go in late in the evening. They eat you up," he reiterated.

So, cutting grass this time of year or doing any outdoor activity is tough.

"It's just a problem right now and we don't know where they've come from," said Sibley.

Unfortunately, Sibley said they haven't figured out a way to avoid the small bug's bite and constant need for swatting.

"You can spray and they still go through the spray. They eat you up," he said.

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