OUR TURN: LSU president responds to vulgar emails from one of employees

OUR TURN: LSU president responds to vulgar emails from one of employees

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - After days of refusing, the president of LSU, F. King Alexander, finally answered questions about the highly questionable behavior of one of his own associate-vice presidents.

A.G. Monaco got caught sending rude, and at times vulgar and dismissive emails to his colleagues. The problem is Monaco wasn't just an employee at LSU, he was over all of their human resources.

And as LSU pointed out, this wasn't just about his use of the F-word in official university business, it was the volume of unacceptable behavior that led to his forced retirement.


What's troubling is that numerous high ranking officials at LSU were aware of Monaco's crass behavior and did little, if anything about it. Even the president of LSU had firsthand knowledge of Monaco purposely being abrasive and caustic when representing the university, yet F. King Alexander allowed Monaco to remain in place and continue his foul-mouthed and disparaging behavior.

That is until our 9News Investigators, working on a tip, did a little digging. Several of you reached out to our team and kept us on the right track. The investigation even led to questions about just how fair and legitimate the process to select LSU's new police chief might have been. This very HR director in question, bragged to a vice president at the university that their plan to shut the media up "worked."

But in the end, did it?

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