1 in 3 families can't afford diapers. This group is trying to change that

1 in 3 families can't afford diapers. This group is trying to change that
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Imaging raising a baby without enough diapers. It's the reality for one in three families in Baton Rouge according to volunteers with the Junior League of Baton Rouge.

A necessity for babies and young kids, diapers are not covered by governmental assistance in Louisiana. A baby who is poorly diapered can be at risk for health issues including rashes, hepatitis and viral infections. A lack of diapers can even keep a parent from work.

"A lot of daycares, if you can't provide diapers your child can't even go to daycare and you can't go to work," said Danielle Satawa, assistant Chairwoman of Junior League of Baton Rouge Diaper Bank.

Three years ago, the Junior League of Baton Rouge started collecting disposable diapers and founded what is now the Junior League of Baton Rouge Diaper Bank. All year long, the Bank collects unused diapers of all sizes. For parents whose children have outgrown their diaper size, they also accept opened packs.

Along with regular donation drives, permanent donation barrels are set up around town.

Donation Locations:

  • Junior League of Baton Rouge Office 9523 Fenway Avenue
  • The Baton Rouge Clinic 7373 Perkins Road
  • Giggles Toy Store 8201 Village Plaza Court
  • McMains Children’s Development Center 1805 College Drive

Once collected, the diapers sorted by size and repackaged into packs of 25 by volunteers.

"That's because the average a family, what they're missing is 25 diapers a week," said Satawa.

Four times a year, the Bank distributes the diapers to their partners who in turn get them into the hands of families in need. Their next mass distribution is scheduled for April 27.

Volunteers and groups outside the Junior League can also help collect and sort diapers. If you would like to organize a drive, or if you are in need of diapers, email diaperproject@juniorleaguebr.org for more information or visit www.diaperbankbr.org for more information.

Satawa says they've distributed more than 300,000 diapers so far this year and they still struggle to meet the community need. 
"We desperately try to do as much as we can. Unfortunately, we can't even fill the need that's out there. We just do the best that we can," said Satawa.

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