Legislators reject proposals to change Louisiana gun laws

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The gun debate at the state capitol is all but over. Lawmakers killed a list of gun control measures Tuesday.

The recent mass shootings, including the Las Vegas massacre and the Parkland school shooting, inspired a host of bills this session that are now being pushed aside.

One rejected measure would ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, sponsored by former state police superintendent Terry Landry D-New Iberia.

He argues it was about leveling the playing field and preventing multiple deaths in extreme situations, but gun rights advocates said it's infringing on second amendment rights and a person's ability to defend themselves.

"We can't have it both ways," Rep. Landry said. "We can't come here and say we support law enforcement, and then put them at a disadvantage with a .20, .40 caliber, 9 mm, and the guy's got an AR-15 with 50 rounds."

Mike Weinberger, with the Home Defense Foundation, says you shouldn't be told what tools you are allowed to use to defend yourself based on what the government says.

"You have to defend your wife, your kids, yourself, your home," said Weinberger. "You should make the decision what works best for you."

The panel rejected a bill requiring a 10-day waiting period for gun sales. That bill's author argued it's about ensuring a proper background check. And a bill to ban bump stocks like those used in the Las Vegas massacre was killed.

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