Injured Deputy Nick Tullier back in ICU with pneumonia

Injured Deputy Nick Tullier back in ICU with pneumonia

HOUSTON, TX (WAFB) - Injured East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy Nick Tullier's family and friends say his recovery has hit a set back.

The Tullier family brought Nick to the emergency room on Sunday, April 15 after noticing his low oxygen level and lethargic behavior. We're told he has developed pneumonia in his lungs and had to be admitted into the ICU. Hospital staff have hooked Tullier up to a special machine to help with his breathing. A CT scan on Nick's lungs showed he has a "bad" case of pneumonia, according to the family.

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There's no word yet on when he could be released from intensive care. Tuesday morning, Tullier's father, James, posted on Facebook that Nick is still in the ICU, but that his chest is sounding better and his Olevels have also improved. He is still experiencing some issues with COretention however.

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