Veterinary clinic floods a third time in one month, owner takes action

Source: Shenandoah South Veterinary Clinic
Source: Shenandoah South Veterinary Clinic
Source: Shenandoah South Veterinary Clinic
Source: Shenandoah South Veterinary Clinic

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A longtime veterinary hospital in Baton Rouge was temporarily closed for business after the heavy rainstorm on Saturday. The owner, Dr. Katherine Beier said a nearby construction site and poor drainage forced water, mud and feces into her building.

Dr. Beier has been treating animals at Shenandoah South Veterinary Clinic on the corner of Tiger Bend Road and Antioch for 40 years. You could say she has her routine down to a science.

"I start seeing patients pretty early, like eight o'clock," Beier said.

Except for a couple of emergency cases, Dr. Beier's schedule has been turned upside down.

"That's what I would be doing is seeing patents this morning, instead I've got a massive cleanup and decontamination," Beier said.

One of Dr. Beier's staff members showed 9News cell phone video she said she took on Saturday morning during the rainstorm. It shows water rushing over Tiger Bend Rd., into her parking lot and puddling against the building.

"A tide of mud rolled in, stopped up the drains, and that allowed the parking lot to start to accumulate," Beier said.

Photographs taken by staff show what the interior looked like when the water receded. Dr. Beier said she had to hire a cleaning crew on Sunday, and workers were still at it first thing Monday morning.

She said it is the third time in one month her business has flooded.

She has a personal drainage system around her building and cement levee to keep the water from flooding her parking lot. Beier said the problem came with the Tiger Bend Trails development, which is being built across the street. But, she said, the city-parish also needs to do its part.

"I want them to require culverts under driveways and to maintain the drainage and the ditches, which would help. But, mainly, I think there's a lack of supervision," Beier said.

EBR Councilman Dwight Hudson admitted the city-parish needs to do a better job of cleaning its ditches. The developer has agreed to dig a trench at the entrance to the Tiger Bend Trails subdivision, he added.

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