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If Your Home is Damaged or Destroyed...

10 Tips for Storm Recovery...

  • Make sure your home is structurally safe. Be extremely careful inside your home. Debris may be hazardous and the potential for collapse may exist. If you're told by authorities to stay out, stay out.
  • Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, keeping receipts for materials. Call your Allstate agent and get advice about what to do next.
  • If your home is unlivable, find out what living expenses your insurance policy may provide. Be patient and assist claims adjusters assigned to your case. Small losses may be settled quickly; extensive claims will take longer.
  • Notify creditors if bills have been lost or you’re unable to pay.
  • Ask your utility company to stop billing if your home is unlivable or has been destroyed.
  • Report your claim to Allstate promptly. Be aware, if a widespread disaster has occurred, the company may set up special procedures.
  • Prepare to file an insurance claim by gathering all relevant policy numbers.
  • Inventory your home for damaged or lost items before your adjustor arrives. This will speed up your claim process.
  • Work with a qualified tax expert to find out about tax breaks you may be eligible for because of your losses.
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