Attorney for accused serial killer to request sanity commission

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The attorney for accused serial killer, Ryan Sharpe, says he will file a request for a sanity commission.

The request was made during a hearing on Monday, April 16 at the 19th Judicial District Court before Judge Trudy White.

A sanity commission is a court-appointed board of two to three doctors to determine the mental state of a defendant. Attorney Thomas Damico says he intends to file the request by the end of this week.

The ruling from this board could greatly impact further proceedings if it's determined Sharpe was not mentally stable at the time of the alleged murders, or if he isn't competent enough to continue with proceedings.

Sharpe is accused of shooting three people in East Feliciana Parish and one person in East Baton Rouge Parish. Brad DeFranceschi and Tommy Bass were both killed in East Feliciana, while Buck Hornsby was injured. In EBR, Carroll Breeden was killed.

Members of Breeden's family attended the hearing Monday. They say they expected Sharpe's sanity to be questioned, but hope proceedings will move quickly.

Sharpe's next hearing is set for June 13, but Damico expects that to be changed after his sanity request is made. The trial for DeFranceschi's death is set for August 27, but that could also change based on the outcome of the sanity commission.

Prosecutors say doctors for the commission could be appointed by the end of May.

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