Mother says son was victim of hit and run

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What started as a normal Friday night in downtown Baton Rouge turned into a mother's worst nightmare.

"I want to know who ran over my child," said Desirae Hatch.

Hatch said in an instant her world change as she and her children were trying to cross River Road after Live After 5 on Friday, April 13. That's when, she says, a car came flying out of nowhere and hit her 5-year-old son, Eric.

"When the car struck him everything just stopped, everybody was in shock," Hatch said.

But the panic didn't stop there. She said after her son, Eric, was thrown a few feet, the car ran over him.

"He was rolling. The car rolled clean over him," his mother said. "I ran and I picked my son up from the middle of the street."

But as the shock set in, what happened next surprised her the most.

"The car didn't brake, they didn't yield. They kept going," Hatch said. "They didn't stop to see if he was dead or alive."

She said Eric was released from the hospital Sunday with a fractured pelvic bone and knee, a bruised face, and unable to walk.

"It's bothering me because of my son in a wheelchair at 5 years old. My child is suffering, he's suffering," she said.

In the hospital, she said her 5-year-old son at one point even questioned whether he would live.

"He thought he wasn't going to see me again. You know what that does to a mom?" she said.

Hatch said she hopes that's enough to make whoever did this think about coming forward. She said he will have to undergo physical therapy and he's expected to be able to walk again in the next 3 months.

Baton Rouge police said they are looking into this, anyone with information is asked to call the police.

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