School collecting donations for family of accident victim, two siblings go the extra mile to help

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

(WAFB) - Students and teachers at Pecan Grove Primary School have started raising money for Addisyn Teekell and her family.

Addisyn Teekell, 6, died at a hospital following a crash on LA 621 in St. Amant on April 6.

School principal Amy Champagne said she wanted the school community to come together as a family.

"This is what we are. We pride ourselves on being a family and we love, love our babies. I want the parents to know that's how we show our love," Champagne said.

Just two days after the fundraising started, the thought of helping someone sparked something in a brother and sister who also attend the same school.

"I didn't expect it," said their mother, Keasley Prestley. "Their hearts were eager. Immediately they were like 'Ma, we have to do something.'"

Administrators at the school sent home a note asking parents to donate whatever they could.

"Let's involve the whole community. Let's involve all the families," Champagne said. "We need to do something just to show how much we love Addisyn."

6-year-old Kavion and 9-year-old Kionshae had a plan. Originally, their mother said their plan was to just "sell all of their stuff."

Prestley said after they got home from school Thursday and shared their interest to give, they decided to go outside. She thought the kids trip outside was to play but what happened next was a surprise.

"They came back with a few dollars and I was like, 'what's this for?' They said, 'I told you, we have to help them,'" Prestley said.

That quick walk around the block knocking on doors wasn't enough for the two, they went back for more.

"They came back with a bunch more and they asked me for a Ziploc and said, 'mama we had to help.' Instead of playing they went into action," she said.

That call to action allowed the kids to raise around $25 and their mom said they still didn't feel like they'd done enough.

"They said, Ma we don't have that much. And I told them, it's a blessing because y'all chose on your own to do it. I said it doesn't matter how much. Y'all chose to do it and that's what makes it so beautiful," their mother said.

Leaders at the school said so far, they raised over $1,000, an effort that will help the family and the little girl, affectionately known as a "hugger" in their school. Champagne says this is their way of hugging back.

"They were proud to do it and I was proud they did it," Prestley said.

Leaders of the school said they don't know right now when they'll stop collecting donations, but as long as people continue to give, they'll help the family.

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