KIRAN: LSU's president finally address questions

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU's President answered questions Friday in regards to the nearly 1,000 emails that were released in a public records request.

Those records included emails from now-former Human Resource Director A.G. Monaco making derogatory and degrading comments towards employees laced with profanity. Monaco was forced to retire just hours after WAFB received the emails.

Since receiving the emails Tuesday afternoon, the 9News Investigators have been trying to get LSU's President, F. King Alexander's response to the information obtained.

A spokesperson for LSU said Alexander was not available for on-camera interviews Wednesday or Thursday.

Kiran Chawla waited in the president's office for nearly five hours on Friday before Alexander came out and addressed her. The main question was why LSU forced Monaco to leave after the public records request and not before.

"We don't monitor peoples' emails. We do not know what people have on their emails," Alexander said. "Our faculty and staff do a good job. We do have people who break the law and people who do not do their job appropriately, and we have the same problems that society has."

Alexander said he had a talk with Monaco three days after finding out what was said in those emails.

"When we found out the number of emails that had some difficult unprofessional things said about people, we felt like it does not reflect what our administration expects. But, within three days of finding that out, we had a discussion with A.G. He said 'it's probably time for me to retire,'" Alexander added.

WAFB received hundreds of emails, but those were only a portion of the request. Several emails were withheld.

"These are personal issues and there are privacy issues that could impact lives of many people on campus just by the opinion of one person who said some demeaning things about people on campus," said Alexander.

Alexander was a part of some of the emails obtained in the request but said he didn't recall Monaco using such abrasive language with him.

"They did mention that A.G. used the f-word in the deposition, but that's no reason to remove somebody from the university," said Alexander.

LSU has yet to tell us how many emails were withheld.

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