KIRAN: Capt. with LSUPD reacts to forced retirement of LSU HR director

A.G. Monaco (Source:
A.G. Monaco (Source:

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The man who was pushed out the door by LSU's now former human resources director gave a raw reaction Thursday to the news that the top university official was forced to retire.

"I hope this serves as a message that you can't continue to undermine or demean people without paying the consequences also," said Capt. Sherman Dickerson.

It's an update to a 9News Investigation from last fall in which a captain with the LSU Police Department said he never really understood what he did wrong.

"I'm very pleased with the end results," said Dickerson.

We introduced you to him last November. He started with the LSU Police Department in 1983, working his way up the ranks to captain and becoming the third highest ranked in the department. But, that career came to an abrupt halt in 2013 when he was called into a meeting with the now former LSU Human Resources Director A.G. Monaco and the current LSU Police Chief Bart Thompson, basically given an ultimatum.

He was being disciplined for allowing another officer under his watch to bring her kids to work. Dickerson recorded that meeting.

"I'm not going to beat a dead horse nor beat around the bush," said Monaco. "It's a serious issue, okay."

"Captain Dickerson, I'm not getting a warm feeling here that we can cut a deal. Let me explain what's going to happen if this … Let me explain. You're going to lose your job," Monaco added.

When Dickerson tried to question why he had to resign ...

"If he believes that there was nothing wrong with this situation and he wants to fight it, he can fight it.  I will tell you this, Bart, I'm going to win," said Monaco.

"But, I want him to realize that's his position, that's his decision," said Thompson.

Dickerson resigned.

He watched this past Tuesday as news broke that Monaco was forced to retire after WAFB's records request that exposed a string of Monaco's emails that contained vulgar and demeaning language.

"I'm feeling grateful that the rest of this story broke. I was kind of apprehensive at one time that nothing else was being done, but I was shouting for joy when I saw the newscast," Dickerson explained.

"I felt kind of bad for him because don't nobody want to be put in that situation, but when you put someone else in that situation and think it won't happen to you, now you know the feeling my husband had," added Jackie Dickerson, his wife.

The two said they have some closure now, adding Monaco's emails finally let the public see his demeanor towards the LSU staff, especially the police department, which Monaco, in another email, referred to as an "asylum."

"It was spearheaded by Monaco, so I feel this is a just ending to see him going down in the same situation that I was placed in," said Capt. Sherman Dickerson.

"Your job is to oversee what's going and make sure everything is run correctly, but when you take that power and decide you want to hire and fire people on your choice, you lost control of the job," added Jackie Dickerson.

In our digging Thursday, we found numerous emails exchanged between Monaco, LSU President F. King Alexander, and Daniel Layzell, the university's vice president of finance and administration. Some of those emails date back to 2016 and early 2017, meaning they were aware of Monaco's degrading, profanity-laced emails for a long time.


In one email from Monaco to Alexander, Monaco says he was "caustic and insulting" to lawyers in a deposition. The president responded, "They were fishing the whole time. They asked me if I should remove you because you used the word "fu*k."

Alexander has refused to speak to us this week. His spokesman only sent an email saying, "This matter is being handled as an internal personnel matter and he will not be available for an interview."

We pressed that this was not an internal matter because many in Baton Rouge want to hear from the leader of LSU.

We were told, "He isn't available for an on-camera interview."

Both Capt. Dickerson and his wife said they hope this will somewhat improve things at LSU but by no means will it take care of all the issues.

I did also call LSU CFO Daniel Layzell. I left a voicemail.

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