KIRAN: Was LSU police chief search really 'nationwide?' Email raises questions

KIRAN: Was LSU police chief search really 'nationwide?' Email raises questions
LSU Police Department (Source: LSU)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Note: Kiran Chawla will have more on her 9News Investigation throughout the day, including new emails and more reaction from the LSU campus.

Was there actually a nationwide search for a new LSU police chief last year, or did LSU just try to make the public believe that was the case?

An email from LSU Vice President of Human Resources A.G. Monaco, released as part of a public records request by WAFB, appears to indicate some of the hiring process was just a farce.

LSU hired Bart Thompson as police chief after removing a long-standing requirement that the chief have a college degree. Thompson does not have a degree.

Many others from across the nation, including former Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie, applied for the job. The day after Thompson was officially announced as the new chief, Monaco sent an email to his boss, Dan Layzell.

The subject of the email was "Advocate Article on Chief," apparently referring to this article from The Advocate newspaper where it was reported that Thompson was hired after a "nationwide search."

The email read:

Giving them all the resumes made the search look real good. Giving out the list of the qualifications we worked off of seems to have dispensed of the qualifications issues. Invoking Civil Services shut down a lot of questions. Finally our plan worked. Loved the part about the nationwide search. They kept calling with stupid questions but this time rather than saying fu*k you, sticking with them worked. This article will be the basis for any future discussions of which there will be few. Merry Christmas.

Layzell emailed back with a brief reply saying he thought the article was “fair and accurate."

WAFB requested copies of many of Monaco's emails covering the past two years. In one of his emails, Monaco referred to the media as the "fu*king press."

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