LSU employees, others react to one of school's top leaders being placed on leave

LSU employees, others react to one of school's top leaders being placed on leave
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Multiple LSU employees describe former LSU Head of Human Resources A.G. Monaco as a tyrant who ruled LSU with an iron fist, his actions going unchecked for years by top university administrators, including LSU President F. King Alexander.

Since the first of our reports aired Tuesday night, many LSU employees have contacted WAFB with reactions including:

"Thank you for bringing to light some of the abuse of power by HR (Human Resources) under Mr. Monaco's direction."

Monaco was placed on paid leave by LSU last week after WAFB filed a public records request for his emails after hearing Monaco frequently sent emails to colleagues that contained profanities or degrading language about fellow university employees and others.

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Late Tuesday, the university released hundreds of Monaco's emails that showed that was indeed true. After the emails were made public, LSU announced Monaco would remain on paid leave until July 1 and then retire from the university.

In some of the emails, Monaco refers to the LSU Police Department as an "asylum" and calls an LSU employee a "lying cheat." He frequently used the "f-word" in his emails and, in one case, seemed to brag to LSU President F. King Alexander about his penchant for profanities. "I told them if cussing was a crime, I should be on death row in Angola," Monaco said in a February 2017 email to Alexander after Monaco wrapped up a legal deposition. Alexander had previously emailed Monaco about the deposition, saying lawyers had complained about Monaco using the "f-word" during the proceedings.

We also received an email from an LSU police officer about our report. "Keep up the good work," the email said. "We appreciate you, here at the asylum!"

One LSU employee, who asked to remain anonymous, asked why both Alexander and LSU VP Dan Layzell (Monaco's immediate supervisor) allowed Monaco's actions to continue unchecked for so long. Alexander and Layzell were aware of Monaco's actions since they were often the recipient of, or copied on, many of his profane and degrading emails, according to the records received by WAFB.

WAFB has called and emailed multiple members of the LSU Board of Supervisors seeking reaction, but has not yet received any replies.

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