KIRAN: VP for LSU HR retires after 9News Investigation

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Vice President for LSU's human resources department was placed on paid leave and later announced his retirement amid a 9NEWS Investigation into his university emails that contain multiple uses of profanities as well as degrading language to describe fellow university employees.

Associate Vice President A.G. Monaco was placed on leave from the university last week as LSU officials reviewed hundreds of his emails that WAFB sought under a public records request.

LSU released some of the emails to WAFB late Tuesday afternoon.

At 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, LSU issued a statement saying Monaco had decided to retire.

"A.G. Monaco has done a lot of good work on behalf of LSU," said the statement from LSU Interim Vice President of Strategic Communications Jason Droddy. "However, recent records requests caused LSU administrators to review Dr. Monaco's emails and their tone. Rather than have the emails become a distraction from the good work that university staff is performing, Dr. Monaco decided to retire effective July 1, 2018, and to go on leave until that date."
In one of his emails, Monaco describes the LSU Police Department as an "asylum". In another, he refers to a fellow employee as a "lying cheat".

After a legal deposition Monaco took part in last year, he emailed LSU President F. King Alexander about the lawyers involved.

"My role was to challenge them over every comma and to be caustic and insulting," part of Monaco's email to Alexander said.

Alexander emailed back to say the lawyers were upset that Monaco had used the word "fuc*" during the deposition.

"Yeah, I later told them that if cussing was a crime, I should be on death row in Angola," Monaco emailed back.

While WAFB is censoring the "f-word" in this report, Monaco did not in his emails. We will also censor his profanities as we further report on this story.

Last December, Monaco sent an email to LSU Vice President Dan Layzell the day after Bart Thompson was hired as LSU's police chief..

Thompson was hired after LSU changed a long-standing requirement that the chief must have a college degree, which he did not. Others from across the country, including former Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie also applied for the job.

Here is what Monaco's email said, apparently referring to the media:

"Giving them all the resumes made the search look real good. Giving out the list of the qualifications we worked off of seems to have dispensed of the qualifications issues. Invoking Civil Services shut down a lot of questions. Finally our plan worked. Loved the part about the nationwide search. They kept calling with stupid questions but this time rather than saying fu*k you, sticking with them worked."

Monaco also does not appear to be fond of his surgeon. He sent an email to former LSU Police Chief Lawrence Rabalais in December 2016 informing him he'd be out because of surgery.

"I had to have some abdominal surgery this weekend and I am trying to get the prick of a surgeon to release me to drive. I am hoping for Thursday (he says two weeks fu*k him)," the email read.

In an email to LSU Vice President Donna Torres in February 2017, he also spoke negatively of Rabalais.

"Apparently, the Chief is just a facilitator and the patrol officers are running that asylum," Monaco's email said.

Monaco was the subject of a 9NEWS Investigation last November involving a secretly-recorded meeting he was in. During that meeting, Monaco berated a veteran LSU police officer who was accused of wrongdoing.

The WAFB Investigative Team continues to analyze the emails received through our public records request and will publish more information on the emails as they are reviewed.

In one email, in March of 2016, he referred to the media as the "fuc*ing press."

LSU redacted (blacked out) portions of many of the emails, but did not provide a reason why that was done. WAFB is following up with a request to LSU that the university explain the redactions.

WAFB is not publishing all of the emails that were released because many are about routine university business or include sensitive information about employees including health care issues.

Read the emails in their entirety below (FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING):

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