Central's drainage master plan shows progress; people still eager for specifics

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - Flooding and drainage are still on people's minds in Central. On Monday, those residents had a chance to air out concerns and get questions answered.

Almost two years after floodwaters devastated much of Central, the scars are still visible everywhere. For some, the nightmare is not yet over.

Bea Matusicky's home off of Denham Road has flooded three times in three years.

"When you just put your floors down and water comes in again," Matusicky recalled. "Then you put your floors down again the second time, the water comes in again."

She attended the meeting curious how Central's drainage master plan is taking shape.

CSRS, the firm hired to develop the plan, showed off some of their progress. They've mapped the area, and are now modeling water flow through the city.

"It really lets us see kind of where the choke points are. Maybe bridges or culverts under state roads or city or parish roads," said Councilman Jason Ellis.

Councilman Ellis says the next step will be project proposals to divert floodwater away from homes and businesses. They're also looking to improve existing programs.

"We are actually looking at our maintenance program," Councilman Ellis said. "Coming up with ways to make a more scheduled and routine maintenance so citizens can kind of expect when their ditches would get cleaned out."

For Matusicky, the problem seems to be undersized culverts. She left a detailed explanation and said the city seems to be listening.

"We appreciated tonight, having the city of Central here to talk to us directly one-on-one," Matusicky said. "They wrote up a work order to actually come out."

However, like many in attendance, she's eager for specifics and hoping for progress.

"It appears that it is planned, and so we're all going to have to see from here if it is made," she said.

The next step in the master plan is the preliminary report, set for July. Read more about Central's drainage plan HERE.

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