Important Assistance Information From LA State Police

Louisiana State Police has requested all individuals who are offering assistance to Hurricane Katrina victims or to the rescue operation to contact the Red Cross via or call 1-800-HELP-NOW (1-800-435-7669).

Citizens should not travel to the affected areas with their boats to assist in the rescue operation. Their concern is much appreciated, however their presence will interfere with emergency personnel's efforts.

Those seeking information on friends and loved-ones, who may have remained in the affected areas, should contact or call 1-866-GET-INFO (1-866-438-4636), as Louisiana State Police is not maintaining a databank of rescued individuals.

State Police continues to ask the general public not to utilize the former LSP "Roadway Closure Hotline" for roadway or property damage information. That telephone number has been assigned as a "911" line for those individuals who are currently seeking immediate, emergency assistance in the Orleans Parish area. Individuals utilizing this number requesting information are impeding those emergency calls.

Residents of Orleans and surrounding parishes are not allowed to return at this time. Checkpoints and roadblocks have been established at all entry points, so no one, aside from authorized emergency personnel, will be allowed to enter those restricted areas.