KIRAN: Court's 'revolving door' released repeat offender numerous times

(WAFB) - Broderick Scott, 41, is locked up in the Iberville Parish Jail after his most recent arrest.

"This ten point something pounds of high grade marijuana was recovered from the vehicle," said Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi. "The street value on this once it's broken down is somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000."

Stassi says his deputies were tipped off and able to stop Scott as soon as he allegedly picked up the entire shipment last week.

"What you see here today would be on the streets of White Castle, Bayou Goula, Plaquemine, and St. Gabriel within hours of this package if it wasn't derailed by the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office," said Stassi.

Scott has a long history of drug arrests, but the sheriff says Scott keeps getting out because of what he calls the court system's "revolving door." The 9News Investigators found Scott's first arrest was 17 years ago for criminal trespassing in Iberville Parish. In 2002, he was arrested for drug and gun charges, including intent to distribute marijuana.

Around the same time, documents show he was also arrested in neighboring Texas for possession of marijuana. Because of that, he was also arrested by Iberville Parish officials in 2002 as a fugitive from Texas.

Fast forward to 2015, Scott was picked up on numerous drug charges and $8,994 in cash found on him in East Baton Rouge Parish. Judge Trudy White set his bond at $28,500. He made bond and was released the next day.

In January of 2016, he was again charged with drug offenses and another $9,094 in cash was found on his person in East Baton Rouge Parish. Judge Anthony Marabella set a $21,500 bond. The next day, Scott was out.

And a month later, Scott was arrested on even more drug charges and another $12,500 in cash in East Baton Rouge Parish. A $30,000 bond was set by Judge White. He was out by May.

Two months later, Scott was accused of selling drugs to a 26-year-old Pierre Part man in Assumption Parish. "He supplied narcotics to an individual. That individual took those drugs and passed away as a result of it, an overdose of heroin, so he has been charged with second degree murder," said Ricky Babin, Assumption Parish District Attorney.

Scott was arrested in January and the case went before a grand jury. "Originally, the bond was set at $750,000 when he was arrested. He went to a grand jury and he was indicted on second-degree murder. After the grand jury indictment, he filed a motion to reduce his bond to $250,000," said Babin.

Once again, he made that bond. Nearly a year later, Iberville Parish deputies picked up Scott for the same thing he continues to get arrested for: drugs.

"It gets harder and harder for law enforcement to keep arresting the same people," said Stassi. "He's out on several hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of a bond as we sit here today, but that hasn't slowed down his criminal enterprise."

It's why Sheriff Stassi asked an Iberville judge to set a high bond, taking his criminal history into consideration. The judge came back with a $500,000 bond.

"We filed a motion to revoke his bond, basically asking the court to hold him now without bond," said Babin.

Babin wants the $250,000 bond revoked in Assumption Parish, meaning if Scott were able to make the $500,000 bond in Iberville Parish, he would have to return to the Assumption Parish Jail. "One of the factors the court considers in setting a bond is whether you pose a risk to the community and someone who sold drugs caused the death of a person by that is continuing in the same business, we think that poses a threat to the community," said Babin.

In East Baton Rouge Parish, District Attorney Hillar Moore has also asked that Scott's bond be revoked in the three cases, saying Scott may try to run away, alleging "he poses a very real and serious risk of danger to the community."

"His actions have resulted in the death, murder, of one person and it looks like he's learned nothing and is continuing on," said Babin.

"If they're the kind of people that don't need to be walking the street, they need to be in prison," said Stassi.

A bond revocation hearing was held in Assumption Parish on Monday, April 9. Scott's bond was revoked.

Scott remains in Iberville Parish jail for now.

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