B. R. Area Hospitals Ask for Help

Without a doubt, ground zero for Hurricane Katrina is New Orleans. But, Baton Rouge is the hub for almost all emergency relief services. Not least among them is medical care for evacuees lucky enough to escape the city that care forgot. It's proving to be a challenging task.

The problem is the need is beginning to outstrip the resources necessary to help them.  In fact, the Baton Rouge General is making an urgent appeal for Registered Nurses to come on line at either of its two campuses--mid city or its hospital on bluebonnet. The large influx of hurricane victims and evacuated patients has left the General in need of skilled medical professionals to help provide round the clock care to patients--many of them with serious injuries and/or illnesses. If you're a Registered Nurse and would like to sign up for paid nursing assignments at the General, contact the Human Resources department during regular business hours.

On another note, each of the hospitals in the Baton Rouge area are requesting you not come to their emergency rooms unless you have a real medical emergency.  Again, they've been swamped with people who need urgent attention because of the hurricane and aren't able to treat people who aren't in immediate need of medical attention.

Finally, there's talk of organizing a formal blood drive for victims of Hurricane Katrina later in the day. Until then, your encouraged to donate on your own at any of area blood banks. You may want to ask just to make sure the blood you're donating will stay here in Louisiana.

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