St. Vincent de Paul prepares to feed hundreds at annual dinner

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - St. Vincent de Paul has been meeting the needs of the less fortunate for decades and Easter Sunday is no different. "If you're out there and in need. Come and be with us," said President and CEO, Michael Acaldo.

In fact, employees of the non-profit are ramping up food production to make sure they feed all 500 people that are expected to walk through the door.

"The joy of Easter is really all that it takes to get it going," said Denise Terrance, an employee. "They're so grateful to have somewhere to come. It just makes you feel good that you can give back," she said.

Terrance has been running the kitchen and preparing this cake, or different variations of it, or 13 years.

"Once you do it the first time, the joy that you leave with is going to keep bringing you back," she said.

From the ham to the green beans and rainbow-colored eggs, Terrance said every item that's prepared is made from the heart.

"We just put all the love and seasoning in it just like we do at home," she said. "We know that when they leave here, they are full to the brim."

The St. Vincent de Paul veteran said not only are they preparing for an Easter Sunday feast but as the daily hot meal provider in the community, they're preparing for hungry hearts today.

"This kitchen is normally hopping," she said. "They won't go home hungry or empty-handed."

"I just feel like if I can go 100 then somebody will else get the gratitude and if I'm ever in need, I know somebody will go 100 for me," Terrance said.

An accomplishment that wouldn't happen, Terrance said without the work and dedication of volunteers.

"We are grateful that they give up their time to come serve with us and I say with us and not for us because we're all in this together, one great cause," he said.

Food will be served from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Easter baskets will also be given to dinner guests 12 years and under.

St. Vincent de Paul served over 267,000 meals last year to the homeless.

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