Baton Rouge Union of Police says it stands behind Salamoni

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Union of Police said Friday night it stands behind both officers tied to the Alton Sterling deadly shooting.

"We publically (sic) stand behind and support Officer Blane Salamoni and Officer Howie Lake," the union said in a statement.

The Baton Rouge Police Department fired Officer Blane Salamoni Friday. He was the officer who pointed a gun at Sterling and threatened to "blow his head off."

Salamoni, along with Officer Howie Lake, struggled with Sterling, and after yelling Sterling had a gun, Salamoni eventually fired six shots, killing Sterling. A loaded gun was later found in Sterling's pocket.

The officers encountered Sterling outside a convenience store after getting a call that a man there was armed with a gun.

Lake received a three day suspension. BRPD Chief Murphy Paul announced the disciplinary action against both officers during a news conference Friday. The department also publicly released all audio and video evidence in the case, including graphic police body cam footage.

NEWLY RELEASED VIDEOS (WARNING: THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN VULGAR LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE). From WAFB News Management: This is a high-profile case with large public interest. We believe the public has the right to see the evidence from this case that was publicy released by the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Here is the Police Union's full statement:

The Baton Rouge Union of Police has had the opportunity to view the evidence in the Officer involved shooting of Alton Sterling.  We publically stand behind and support Officer Blane Salamoni and Officer Howie Lake.  Our Police Officers are faced with many complicated and highly intense situations.  Accuracy gives real perspective.  We look forward to a fair and impartial hearing with the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board.


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