LSU and La. International Film Festival host special screening of 'Fail State'

LSU and La. International Film Festival host special screening of 'Fail State'

Information provided by LSU

BATON ROUGE, LA - LSU and the Louisiana International Film Festival will host a special event screening of the documentary "Fail State" on Wednesday, April 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Roy O Martin Auditorium, 1100 Patrick F Taylor Hall.

This screening is free to the public and LSU students & faculty. Following the screening, LIFF and LSU will host a panel discussion with director Alex Shebanow, LSU President F. King Alexander, and other special guests. Register online at

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"This film does an exceptional job of highlighting both the predatory nature of for-profit universities and the immense public benefit brought to society through public universities and community colleges," Alexander said. "We're proud to host this free screening, just as we're proud to fulfill our mission as a public university."

"Fail State" is being screened at film festivals around the country and was recently featured at SXSW EDU in early March with a panel discussion that included Alexander, Shebanow and Martha Kanter, executive director of the College Promise Campaign.

In an expansive documentary exposé, "Fail State" investigates the dark side of American higher education, chronicling decades of policy decisions in Washington, D.C., that have given rise to a powerful and highly-predatory for-profit college industry. With echoes of the subprime mortgage crisis, the film lays bare how for-profit colleges exploited millions of low-income and minority students, leaving them with worthless degrees and drowning in student loan debt. Shebanow traces the rise, fall and resurgence of the for-profit college industry, uncovering their Wall Street backing and incestuous relationship with the regulators and lawmakers charged with overseeing them. "Fail State" is directed by Shebanow; produced by Shebanow, Julia Glausi, Terrence Crawford, Tyler Comes, Adam Bolt, and Alan Oxman; and executive produced by news legend Dan Rather.

"This film is first-class investigative reporting," Rather said. "News is something that the public needs to know that somebody somewhere particularly some powerful person or forces don't want the public to know. [...] That is why I find this film not only so important but so timely."