Superdome Evacuees Get Fresh Air

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Outside, the Louisiana Superdome is surrounded by three feet of water. Inside, refugees from Hurricane Katrina are taking what they can get, even if it's just a breath of fresh air.

Dozens of them slept on a walkway surrounding the Superdome as conditions inside worsened and frustrations grew. National Guardsmen made sure they didn't leave.

One woman says no matter how bad her home is, it has to be better than the dome. She says, "At least I could take a shower and sleep in my own bed."

National Guard General Ralph Lupin says everything possible is being done to keep people comfortable, which mostly means keeping things from getting worse. Right now there's no air conditioning, bathrooms are filthy and trash is overflowing. There are no details but officials say two people have died.

Meanwhile, the Superdome is getting more residents.  Despite very poor conditions, National Guard troops have brought in more refugees who are trying to escape rising water in New Orleans.

Eight of the people who arrived Tuesday had spent the night in the attic of a flooded beauty salon.  They had to hack through the ceiling to reach the attic as the water rose.

Another man had spent the night in his own attic, and he says he "almost died" in the water.