FULL REPORT: AG Jeff Landry gives details on Alton Sterling shooting

FULL REPORT: AG Jeff Landry gives details on Alton Sterling shooting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said based on the evidence gathered his office cannot proceed with charges against either of the Baton Rouge police officers involved in the Alton Sterling shooting investigation.


Landry began his news conference by saying he would give out a detailed copy of his report. He then extended his deepest sympathy to the family of Alton Sterling.

Landry said the Baton Rouge Police Department received a 911 call from a man who was allegedly assaulted by a man with a gun who was selling CDs outside the Triple S Food Mart. He added BRPD officers arrived about 25 minutes later and as Officer Howie Lake approached Sterling, he was in a transaction with two females. According to Landry, Sterling was asked to place hands on the vehicle, but he did not comply.

Landry said a struggle then broke out. Officer Blane Salamoni pulled out his gun and told Sterling to put his hands on the vehicle. He said Salamoni then asked Lake to use a Taser on Sterling, but it had little effect. Landry said Salamoni asked Lake to use the Taser again and that attempt also had no effect. He added Salamoni put his weapon away and tackled Sterling. He also said Salamoni landed on top of Sterling.

According to Landry, Lake tried to control Sterling's right arm and Salamoni is heard during the struggle saying, "He has a gun." Landry also said Salamoni can be heard saying, "He is going for the gun." Landry stated Salamoni then shot Sterling three times and Lake stood and pointed his gun at Sterling.

Landry said Sterling attempted to get up and Salamoni fired three more shots. He added Lake removed a loaded gun from Sterling's right front pocket.

He added officers Lake and Salamoni tried to make an arrest and control the situation. According to Landry, several illegal drugs from a toxicology report were found in Sterling's system. Details of the toxicology report are on pages 9 and 10 of the PDF embedded below.

Landry was asked about new video being released of the shooting, but his response was "no comment."

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