Sources: State decision expected in officer-involved shooting death of Alton Sterling

WAFB 9News has confirmed through a number of sources that the family of Alton Sterling will be meeting with the Attorney General's office concerning a possible decision in the case. State and local officials, including law enforcement agencies, have also been told to expect a decision in the case.

We expect to hear from the AG's office as to whether the officers involved in the death of Sterling will face any criminal charges. Any announcement made will be just that: whether or not they believe there is enough evidence to move forward with a criminal trial.

The Attorney General launched his investigation once federal authorities cleared the officers of violating Sterling's civil rights. What differs here is the AG investigators have been trying to determine if the officers involved, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake, should face any state criminal charges in the death of Sterling.

Officer Salamoni was the only officer to fire his weapon, killing Sterling. Officer Salamoni's attorney has said the officer feared for his life because he thought Sterling was reaching for a gun. A video of the shooting does show an officer removing a gun from Sterling's pocket.

WAFB will have coverage of any announcements made.

In a series of tweets from The Advocate's Jim Mustian, employees who work for the AG's office received an email Monday telling them that their offices in the Livingston Building will be closed Tuesday.

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