Some LSU students ask school president to reconsider ban on liquor at Greek life events

Some students at LSU are not happy about the ban on liquor at all Greek life events, both on and off campus (Source: WAFB)
Some students at LSU are not happy about the ban on liquor at all Greek life events, both on and off campus (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some LSU student senators are asking President F. King Alexander to reconsider a new policy which says hard liquor cannot be served at Greek life events that are held off campus.

LSU system president and administrators announced last month they agree to accept some 28 recommendations from the Task Force on Greek Life. The goal was to improve the safety of Greek life on campus following the death of Phi Delta Theta freshman, Maxwell Gruver. One of the recommendations included a requirement for fraternities and sororities to ban hard liquor from all functions, both on and off campus. Beer and wine can be served by third party vendors at events, however, the ban prohibits hard liquor.

LSU student, Brenna Rowan, who is not in a sorority, says it's a smart move.

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"I mean you can have a party without beer and stuff, and considering the recent death that happened, I think they can handle going without liquor at a couple parties," she said.

But a ban on liquor at off campus Greek parties is not sitting well with a lot of LSU fraternity and sorority members. Alpha Phi Alpha member, Chelon Stewart, says it's a bit extreme. "I feel like if you are above the age of 21, regardless of if you are Greek or not Greek life, if you are off campus and it doesn't affect LSU's policy. I feel since the American legal policy is that you would be 21 years of age, for them to ask them to reconsider, I feel like that's not a bad proposal," he said.

The proposal Chelon is referring to is a bill being brought by student senators asking President Alexander to reconsider and repeal a ban on liquor at off campus events. Most of the students involved with Greek life walked away from our cameras when we brought it up.

Graduating senior, Joshua Bartholomew, is not in a fraternity, but admits he has been to his fair share of Greek parties. He says the solution here is a compromise. "I think that it needs to be monitored better, but I don't think it should be restricted," he said. "Maybe they should have wristbands or something. I have no clue."

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