Say ‘ahhh’ for World Oral Health Day

Say ‘ahhh’ for World Oral Health Day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Oral health is about much more than a nice smile. The FDI World Dental Federation wants to emphasize that good oral health often reflects good general health and well-being. Poor oral health can be the result, as well as the cause, of poor general health.

Tuesday, March 20 is World Oral Health Day. The awareness day was created by the FDI World Dental Federation to spread messages about good oral hygiene practices to adults and children. Their goal is to raise awareness on the prevention and control of oral diseases.


  • Allows you to speak, smile, eat, drink – and perform other physical functions throughout life – and can also boost social interaction and promote self-esteem


  • Can cause discomfort, pain, disease, and can lead to social isolation and lack of self-confidence, as well as lost school or work days

The FDI World Dental Federation says 90 percent of the world's population will suffer from oral diseases in their lifetime. Oral diseases take many shapes and forms, with the most common being tooth decay and gum disease. If not properly managed, they can negatively impact the rest of your body.

General health conditions can also increase the risk of problems in the mouth. For example, oral diseases are linked with diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, and some cancers; while having diabetes increases the risk of getting gum disease.


  • Eat healthy
  • Don’t use tobacco
  • Limit alcohol use
  • Adopt good oral hygiene habits

The FDI World Dental Federation wants you to know it's never too early to adopt healthy oral habits.


  • Brush twice a day
  • Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash or chew sugar-free gum after meals and snacks (when you can’t brush)
  • Clean between your teeth using floss
  • Have regular dental check-ups

Preventative care is always the best option. Seek early detection and treatment to fight oral diseases and associated general health conditions.

Information in this story was provided by the FDI World Dental Federation. You can learn more about the FDI World Dental Federation online.

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