St George Fire Dept hosts 11th Recruit Class training

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The St George Fire Department is currently training its 11th Recruit Class since becoming a full-time fire department.

This group of recruits began the training academy in January. It lasts six months.

One woman and 19 men are a part of the 11th Recruit Class. This group is seven weeks into the training.

"The hardest part is probably when you first learn something new because every time you first learn something you don't look that good," said recruit Armand Pitre. "That's why you keep practicing."

Each recruit class goes through a full day of exercise, physical training, drill training and an in-class portion. They do this five days a week.

"These are like my kids and in 20 years from now, when these guys start making promotions, they'll look back to this and I will too," said Matt Ard, a St George Fire Department Training Officer. "We've got pictures hanging in the training room [where] they'll look at it and say, 'Man I was in Class 11" or "I was in Class 9" and it's really something to see and we really enjoy that. It's a sense of accomplishment for not only myself but for these guys."

For anyone interested in applying for the next recruit class, set to begin in January 2019, call the St George Fire Department Administration Office at (225) 454-6550.

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