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Evacuations Issued, ContraFlow Begins

New Orleans (AP) - Several low-lying parishes have called evacuations, some mandatory, some voluntary, because forecasters say Hurricane Katrina is likely to slam into the Louisiana coast on Monday.

There's a voluntary evacuation on Grand Isle. Plaquemines Parish has called a mandatory evacuation. Parish President Benny Roussel says people have the chance to leave before other parishes call evacuations, and should do so.

St. Bernard Parish has called a precautionary evacuation for low-lying areas on the east end of the parish, and has recommended evacuation for the rest of the parish.

Terrebonne Parish has recommended evacuation for all areas south of the Intercoastal Waterway. Lafourche Parish has called a voluntary evacuation south of Highway 90. 

St. James Parish has issued a recommended evacuation for all residents living in trailers, manufactured homes, and residents living in flood prone areas. A precautionary evacuation is being issued for all other residents.

ContraFlow Begins At 4pm Saturday 

First of all,  State Police tell us that from the Causeway Boulevard to LaPlace, all I-10 lanes are heading west towards Baton Rouge. Then from LaPlace on into Baton Rouge east and westbound lanes are operating as normal.

Then, if you're heading out of the city of New Orleans, you can head north on the Causeway, and then you can take I-12 west to I-55. At I-12 and I-55, the contraflow begins again, and all lanes head north on I-55.

Finally, if you're heading north out of New Orleans on I-10 towards Slidell, then when you get to Slidell where I-10 turns east, contraflow kicks in for all lanes of I-59, meaning all lanes of  I-59 become northbound, and you can only head north on I-59 from Slidell on into Mississippi.

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