La. ranks #17 in list of America's 'drunkest' states

La. ranks #17 in list of America's 'drunkest' states
Louisiana takes the #17 spot for "drunkest" state in the country (Source: 24/7 Wall St.)

(WAFB) - In a recently released study from 24/7 Wall St., Louisiana took the #17 spot for America's "drunkest" state.

Drinking in excess can lead to numerous health problems and also claims around 99,000 lives every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Those who die from alcohol abuse tend to do so about 30 years prematurely as well.

The CDC defines binge drinking as four or more drinks in a single sitting for women and five or more for men. Heavy drinking is defined as at least eight drinks per week for women and 15 for men.

The study says nationwide, 18 percent of adults drink an excessive amount of alcohol. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from the CDC to conduct this study.

According to the study, 18.8 percent of adults in the state drink excessively, with Houma and Thibodeaux named as the drunkest metro area. The study notes states with higher excessive drinking rates tend to be wealthier because alcohol can be costly, but that's not the case in Louisiana, with the median household income sitting around $45,156 per year. That's well below the national median income of $57,617.

The study also found the state came in #22 as far as alcohol-related driving deaths and #5 in terms of adults in fair or poor health. Heavy drinking can lead to many health issues, such as hypertension and cancer. The study suggests the high drinking rate in the state contributes to the high premature death rate. The study says for every 100,000 residents, 452 die before age 75, which is the sixth highest in the country.

The most sober state in the country? The study says it's Tennessee, with just 11.2 percent of adults drinking excessively. And the drunkest state in the nation? North Dakota takes the top spot with 24.7 percent of adults drinking excessively. The state also has the highest rate of alcohol-related driving deaths at 46.7 percent.

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