DA: EBRSO detective 'wholly' justified in shooting suspect who killed Lt. Shawn Anderson

Brandon Wiley (Source: Facebook)
Brandon Wiley (Source: Facebook)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore released his findings during a news conference Friday in the fatal shooting of an EBRSO deputy and suspect nearly a year after the incident.

The shooting happened on March 18, 2017, at a barber shop on O'Neal Lane in Baton Rouge.

Lt. Shawn Anderson, 43, was fatally shot by Brandon Wiley, 30, while the two men struggled for control of Wiley's gun, Moore said. Wiley then began firing at an unnamed EBRSO detective, who returned fire and shot Wiley, who died a few days later at a local hospital.

Moore said his investigation found the detective was  "wholly justified" in shooting Wiley and "had no other choice" at the time.


Anderson and the detective were at the salon to question and arrest Wiley who was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at the same location, according to Moore.

The 15-year-old victim did not immediately report the alleged rape but later confided in a family member who reported it to the sheriff's office.

Moore said earlier in the day on March 18, 2017, the victim picked Wiley out a lineup, which is why the two law enforcement officers were at the barber shop to arrest Wiley.

When the two law enforcement officers arrived at the barber shop, Wiley was illegally tattooing a different 15-year-old girl after the shop had closed.

The officers asked the girl to move to the front of the barber shop and told Wiley they did not want to discuss the reason for their visit in front of the juvenile.

According to Moore, Wiley asked the officers if he could finish tattooing the 15-year-old before he was taken into custody. The deputies denied Wiley's request and he packed up his tattoo equipment.

Anderson began to pat down Wiley and located a handgun on Wiley. Anderson then yelled "gun" to the detective and attempted to remove the gun from Wiley's possession. During the struggle, Wiley shot Anderson twice. The fatal shot was through one of Anderson's armpits and into his back. The second shot grazed Anderson but the bullet did not penetrate his skin.

After Anderson fell to the ground, Wiley fired two shots in the direction of the detective and the 15-year-old. Neither shot hit the detective or the girl.

The detective shot back hitting Wiley three times.

"After Wiley fell to the ground, the detective attempted to take possession of the gun, which was underneath Wiley. Wiley resisted and grabbed the detective's arm. The detective fired another shot into Wiley in order to get Wiley to release his arm. The detective was then able to seize Wiley's gun, handcuff Wiley, and radio that shots were fired and an officer was down," according to Moore's report.


The Louisiana State Police was the lead law enforcement agency that investigated the case and the State Police Crime Lab processed all of the ballistic information.

Moore said based on Wiley's previous convictions, it was illegal for him to have a gun at the time of the shooting. Investigators found a document about the topic "suicide by cop" that Wiley had printed out from the library in his pocket.

Wiley's family members told Moore that it was common for Wiley to print out documents of topics that interested him. They also said Wiley was attempting to write a book and liked to research different topics for the book.

Family members also told Moore that Wiley suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They also believed Wiley suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from an alleged incident that happened while he was incarcerated.

During Friday's news conference, Moore said the incident was "unfortunate" because it left both Anderson and Wiley dead.

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