New Roads homeowner fed up with sewage problems

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Imagine sewage backing up so badly in your neighborhood that it makes you second guess whether or not you want to flush. That's what happening to some New Roads residents. "It was bad," said resident, Bryan Young. "We've been having sewage trouble. The toilet overflows."

Young is battling dripping sewage in his front yard, so much so that he took matters into his own hands about a month ago to get it cleared up. "We started digging," he said. Young says they dug up the sewer line from the front door of his home to the street in an attempt to find the blockage. "If the asphalt wasn't there, we probably would've dug the road up," Young said.

Young says a representative with the Point Coupee Police Jury and 3A Sewer District assessed the problem and flushed the line weeks ago, but Young says the sewage is still draining in all the wrong places and he wants the problem fixed sooner rather than later.

After we wrapped up an interview with Young, Cletus Langlois from the parish showed up. He says the homeowner is responsible for fixing pipes that run from the house to the main line, which starts in the middle of the road, so Young wasn't wrong in trying to fix the backup. But Langlois says the problem is bigger than just one house. "The problem now is what's happening in the mainline. Do we have mud infiltration in there? More grease in the main line? Do we have a collapse in the main line?" Langlois said.

Langlois says the Point Coupee Police Jury and members of the 3A Sewer District are aware that several people in the neighborhood are facing the same issues with the 40-year-old water system and officials are working to fix the problem. "We're in the mainline now, so that's going to be a pretty extensive process. It's not going to happen overnight. It's not something that's going to be done quickly," Langlois said.

"Nobody is sitting on their hands or not paying attention to it. It's being taken care of," Langlois said. "I'm sure it's not going as fast as they would like, probably not going as fast as anybody would like."

Langlois says the 3A Sewer District contracted a company to fix the problem and work should begin Friday. Parish officials say they are working with the sewer district to research funding for a new sewer system.

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