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'Heart Your Kidneys' during National Kidney Month

Source: National Kidney Foundation Facebook Source: National Kidney Foundation Facebook

The number one cause of death in people with kidney disease is heart disease.

For the month of March, National Kidney Month, the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana (NKFL) is launching a new campaign to get you to “Heart Your Kidneys.”

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The initiative is an effort to increase concern about kidneys to the level of some of the body’s other, better-understood, vital organs such as the heart. Like your heart, when your kidneys stop working, so do you. When this happens, dialysis or a transplant is needed just to stay alive.  

NKFL also wants people to know that kidneys are the foundation for a healthy heart. Kidney healthy is also heart healthy, so when you “Heart Your Kidneys,” you also show love for your heart.

“It takes just two simple tests at the doctor’s office to check your kidney health. Even if you inherit kidney disease, you may be able to slow down the progression of this disease with lifestyle changes,” said Torie Kranze, CEO of NKFL.

If you have diabetes, hypertension, or a family history of kidney disease, you’re encouraged to speak with your doctor about getting tested for kidney disease.


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