THE INVESTIGATORS: Two women claim New Roads officer sent them nude photos

Sam Milligan (Source: WAFB)
Sam Milligan (Source: WAFB)

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - "How do you call the police on the police?" asked a woman whose identity we are protecting. The woman, who we will call Sally, filed a complaint against New Roads Police Officer Sam Milligan in 2017, claiming he sent her nude photos of himself. She added that was not her only run-in with him.

"One night, he text me. He was like, 'I'm very tired. I don't feel like driving to the heart of Baton Rouge. Do you want to get a room with me?' I was like, 'No, no thank you,'" said Sally.

She says she was working at a store in New Roads that Milligan used to go to at closing time to make sure the women made it outside safely. "Then he started sending text messages about, 'I like to sext,' so I said, 'OK, cool.' Thought nothing of it. He started sending pictures of his penis on side of a water bottle and then he started sending videos of him playing with himself, so I just blocked him," said Sally.

She says he used a texting app to continue messaging her. "One night, he was sitting on side of my car and I didn't know. My best friend texted me and was like, 'Hey, you know a police sitting on side of your car?' So I was terrified," Sally said.

Sally says she received another message one night on her way home.

"I got a text message saying, 'You're that drunk, you're asleep in your car?' So that made me look outside the window and there he was sitting outside the house," said Sally. She added she lives outside of the New Roads city limits, so the police department does not patrol her home.

That's when she finally filed a complaint.

She says the officer's captain, Delaney Lee, even spoke with her about the complaint. Despite her noting allegations of stalking and nude pictures being sent in her complaint, Milligan was not disciplined. However, records obtained by the 9News Investigators show he was suspended for one day for a uniform violation after wearing the wrong type of pants to work.

"You would suspend him for wearing the wrong pants, but he's not suspended for harassing people?" asked Sally.

Last week, Capt. Lee said the reason Milligan was not disciplined for the complaint was that Sally did not want to pursue charges. He also noted she was dating a different New Roads police officer. Capt. Lee added when that officer found out about everything, she allegedly made up the complaint.

Sally, however, disputes that claim.

"I never dated a police officer and I would never make up a complaint for it to get this far," said Sally.

KIRAN: You did not want to pursue charges?

Now, Sally says she wishes she would have pursued charges because the run-ins continued even after the complaint. For example, she says there was one night when he followed her and pulled her over.

SALLY: He asked me who is such and such, meaning he let me know that he ran my license plate to ask me, you know, who the car belonged to. He said their name.

These are complaints from one woman.

After WAFB's first report aired last week, another woman in New Roads reached out to us.


"I was trying to let it, you know, just kind of forget about it, but then with your story, that just, it kind of disgusted me because I had this man in my home. I had Sam Milligan in my home," said another woman we will refer to as Julie.

Julie claims she and Milligan had consensual sex, but remembers things just sounding absurd. "We had started kind of talking and then he would send me pictures of his private area and videos of him playing with himself," said Julie.

She says one night, they decided they would meet up to have sex. "I knew he was on duty that night. I figured, you know, maybe on his lunch break or something, he could come by," said Julie.

She claims Milligan was worried about parking his police unit at her home, it potentially being seen on surveillance footage, and him possibly losing his job. "It was kind of crazy when he suggested that I take off walking down the street and he would pick me up in his police car and we would go somewhere, and I'm like, well, I'm not riding in the back of a police car," said Julie.

"He said, 'Oh, well, we can have sex in the back of the police car or we can have sex on the ground by the car,'" she said.

She says they settled on meeting at her home, but she's still unsure whether he was on his lunch break or on duty.

"We were having sex and he got a phone call. He said it was from his supervisor and then he was like, 'Oh, I knew this was gonna' happen as soon as I came over here. I shouldn't have done this.' Blah blah blah, so he left," said Julie.

WAFB's investigation revealed Milligan was hired as a New Roads police officer despite previously being charged with forcible rape. He ultimately pleaded to a lesser charge of carnal knowledge. He was 17-years-old at the time and the victim was 14.

He was placed on paid administrative leave after WAFB's investigation.

"That's not enough," said Sally.

WAFB also reached out to New Roads Mayor Anthony Daisy about the complaints.

"My chief is out of town and we're addressing that issue and will deal with it when we get back. Right now, he's on leave, so he's not working duty or anything and we will deal with that when we get back," said Daisy.

"I don't feel safe with him being a law enforcement officer because, I mean, you're supposed to protect and serve the community and yet you have this charge, expunged or not, it happened," said Julie.

"Somebody like Sam should not be a police officer in any parish," said Sally.

WAFB tried calling Milligan this week, but he did not answer our calls.

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