'Mardi Goose' is back on the loose; injured goose released after healing

"Mardi Goose" (Source: WAFB)
"Mardi Goose" (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Officials said an adult Canadian goose that was found near the LSU lakes with an arrow through its body has been released back into the wild.

Affectionately named "Mardi Goose," the animal is getting its first taste of freedom since being taken to the LSU Veterinary School for treatment.

"The goose recovered very well from the injuries and has continued to improve during hospitalization," said Javier Nevarez, DVM, PhD, DACZM, DECZM, professor of Zoological Medicine at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and one of the attending veterinarians for the goose. "We expect a full recovery once it is released."

According to veterinarians, "Mardi Goose" appears healed and was released back to the LSU lakes on Monday.


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