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Bad batch of K2 leads to 8 overdoses within 3 block radius

(Evansville Fire Department's Facebook/John M Buckman III) (Evansville Fire Department's Facebook/John M Buckman III)

Eight people overdosed in a matter of minutes around 10 a.m. Wednesday. Police say they are lucky to be alive.

"When I turned around, three guys passed out. Out here right in front of Lamasco," says Elizabeth Prange.

Prange called 911 while watching people overdose just across the street from her home.

"I had a panic attack. I said, 'I need a cigar,'" says Prange.

Just before that panic set in, Prange was feeling suspicious of one man who walked through the alley by her house. Shortly after, that man overdosed near Iowa and 3rd Ave.

"Before I knew it, there was cops, fire department, ambulance, everybody was here," said Prange.

First responders dealt with eight subjects across three locations within a three block radius. Most of them were unconscious. All of them were vomiting.

"I saw that one of the guys hit his head on the concrete, and he was still breathing," says Prange.

Crews even had to decontaminate the people before taking them to the hospital.

"The fire department squirted water on them, took their clothes off, and squirted water on their clothes," said Prange.

That is because this bad batch of K2 is laced with an unknown household chemical.

"We've issued the warnings for K2 for a long time now. It is a substance that has chemicals introduced to it to make you feel high. You don't know what the chemicals are," said Jason Cullum with EPD. "Somebody can sell that stuff and drive away, and you don't know who they are. It makes it hard for us to track down the person who's doing it, and it ends up bad."

Police say this brings to mind last year's deadly drug that rippled through the city for days. Cullum says some people overdosed multiple days in a row.

Sgt. Jason Cullum said, "It's not as bad as last year's issues, but it could be. We have no idea how much of this stuff is in the community."

Police believe this K2 concoction hit the streets Wednesday and is responsible for all eight overdoses.

"We're hoping people saw what happened yesterday, and if they bought some scrap it, get rid of it, not take the chance," said Cullum.

First responders used multiple doses of Narcan on each person Wednesday morning, but it was not effective. 

Police say that's because this bad batch of K2 is not an opioid.

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