LSU President sets course for major changes to Greek Life

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU President F. King Alexander is moving forward with major changes to Greek Life.

On Wednesday morning, Alexander announced his plans in a letter to the LSU community.

Alexander also appeared on 9News This Morning, where he said there will be a zero tolerance policy for hazing.

"Hazing is hazing," Alexander said. "And we're going to have a strict policy with serious repercussion that involve anything around hazing that we deem to have any kind of mental or physical harm to any student."

In his letter, Alexander said any chapter found to be hazing students will be removed from campus. Any individual caught hazing faces expulsion pending an investigation.

Following the death of freshman Maxwell Gruver, LSU set up a task force to come up with recommendations for changes to Greek Life.

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They came up with 28 recommendations, and it appears all of them will be implemented.

These recommendations will be implemented at different times, in order to give chapters time to adjust.

Some of those changes include:

  • A uniform code of rules and punishments for every chapter.
  • Amnesty for students that report any wrongdoing or violations.
  • A website that lists all the details of every fraternity and sorority: schedules, cumulative GPA, activities, etc. Task force members say this was a recommendation strongly supported by the parents of Gruver.
  • A review board for each chapter.
  • A membership contract that all members must abide by.
  • No Hard alcohol at any chapters, on or off campus. There can also be no common source alcohol like kegs and punch dispensers.
  • Starting in the Fall, all tailgating must be moved to the chapter houses, and out of the stadium grounds.
  • Starting in Fall of 2019, all houses must have a designated “House Manager” that is selected by a separate committee. They must ensure that houses abide by all the rules.

During his interview with 9News This Morning, Alexander says other colleges are considering changes similar to LSU.

He said both the SEC and Big 10 Conferences will be holding meetings in March to discuss changes.

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