Police arrest brothers in shooting death of former wrestler, National Guardsman; say it involved drug deal

Kendrick Wesley, 18, and Devin Harris, 17 (Source: WAFB)
Kendrick Wesley, 18, and Devin Harris, 17 (Source: WAFB)
Charles Bowah (Source: Family)
Charles Bowah (Source: Family)
A body was found in the 800 block of Eddie Robinson Dr. (Source: WAFB)
A body was found in the 800 block of Eddie Robinson Dr. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A 20-year-old man was shot and found dead in the backyard of a house Monday.

He was identified as Charles Bowah, a former wrestler, and member of the Army National Guard.

Investigators believe Bowah was selling an unknown amount of marijuana to two brothers - Devin Harris, 17, and Kendrick Wesley, 18. At some point, police say the two brothers tried to rob him.

After the shooting, the two brothers reportedly drove off in Bowah's car.

Investigators said a Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrests.

The teen brothers, Harris and Wesley, were arrested on Wednesday, February 28 and charged with first-degree murder.

Bowah was an All-State wrestler in 2016 for Tara High. Those close to him say he still works to help other teams in the area and still wrestles at the location where the vigil is being held.

Bowah, who turned 20 the day before he was shot, was found dead Monday at roughly 11 a.m. His body was found on Eddie Robinson Sr. Drive near South Boulevard.

Investigators determined the shooting actually happened on Peach Street and Bowah ran until he got to the home on Eddie Robinson, where he collapsed and died.

"Charles was just the type of person that when I took him into a room, everyone gravitated towards him, big smile on his face. He was always as eager as he could be to help younger kids, that kind of stands out," said Bowah's wrestling coach Phil Bode.

Coach Bode said Bowah was going places. He had enrolled in the Army National Guard after graduating high school. Unfortunately, his life was cut short.

"My heart just fell right to the floor, this wonderful young man, future coach and everything he could have been in and to have it cut short, it just drained the blood out of my face and the goodness out of my heart. I felt so bad," said Coach Bode.

"I was just holding back tears because I knew I could not cry because I was headed to practice for this big tournament. As soon as I got out of practice, I got in my car and drove home and broke down," said Bowah's friend Dane Harter.

Harter and Bowah became friends after the two wrestled together and they continued to practice even after Bowah graduated high school.

"Me and my friend Lance went and wrestled with him on Friday and trained with him and we just cut up afterward, laughing and making jokes and said, 'See you later' and did not know that would be the last time," said Harter.

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