Heart Education Series includes free screening event, lunch and learn sessions

Heart Education Series includes free screening event, lunch and learn sessions
Source: WAFB

Information provided by the Baton Rouge General

Heart disease has been the leading cause of death in men and women for more than 90 years. That's why we proudly do our part to support American Heart Month every year with education and screenings for the community. This week at Baton Rouge General, cardiologist Dr. Kris Lindsay kicked off a series of heart health events with a Lunch and Learn that offered attendees manageable ways to control their cholesterol and blood pressure, ultimately helping prevent heart attacks.

"A lot of times, life happens and things get out of control quickly," said Dr. Lindsay, cardiologist with Cardiovascular Institute of the South. "We can't do anything about our genetics or the choices we've made in the past, but we can start improving our heart health by making one change at a time. Thinking about going from no exercise to 'doing cardio' may seem overwhelming, but walking for an hour each week is much better for our hearts than sitting on the couch."

Other tips from Dr. Lindsay include:

  • If you have diabetes, work to get it under control.
  • If you smoke, enroll in a smoking cessation program with tools and support to help you stop.
  • Make healthier food choices:
    • Look at sodium content listed on food labels (<1500mg per day).
    • Eat fewer carbs, fats and sweets.
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.
  • Understand your individual risk factors. If you don’t know where you stand, attend the Love Your Heart Day screening event at BRG’s Bluebonnet campus on Saturday, March 3. The $15 event begins at 7 a.m. and will offer:
    • Cholesterol screening
    • Glucose (blood sugar) screening
    • Blood pressure screening
    • Heart risk assessment
    • EKG (based on individual risk)
    • Height, weight, BMI and body fat calculations

Screenings for Love Your Heart Day are provided by Baton Rouge General, Baton Rouge General Physicians, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center, and Cardiovascular Institute of the South. Registration is at brgeneral.org.

Other heart-specific Lunch and Learn events are scheduled for:

  • March 14 – Heart Disease and High Cholesterol: Are You at Risk?
    Dr. Steven Kelley, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center
  • April 11 – 10 Habits of Heart-Healthy PeopleDr.
    Garland Green, Cardiovascular Institute of the South
  • May 24 – Know Your Numbers
    Dr. Evens Rodney, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center

The Lunch & Learn events are free, but attendees are encouraged to RSVP at brgeneral.org.